Re-engineering in Clinical Microbiology Labs

WasGross wasgross at aol.com
Sat Dec 23 15:15:01 EST 1995

     Is anyone interested in starting discussions in some of the changes
being forced in Health Care, particularly, in the Microbiology Lab. Some
thoughts, questions:
1) Where can I get an updated list of CLIA catagories for Micro tests?
2) Does anyone have experience in hiring High School graduates and
assigning duties? I resently lost a Medical Technologist that to my dismay
is being replaced by a processor which is a person with a High School
3) Does anyone have experience in reading cultures every twelve hours
instead of first thing in the morning? 
4) Anyone interested in sharing creative ideas in reducing cost/time in
Micro? For instance we started running a rapid strep screen off of
overnight SXT plates with 
Beta Hemolysis and have resulted Group A strep in less than 24 hours. 
     I am interested in corresponding with anyone dealing with the issues.
I am dismayed over the direction of Clinical Labs but am trying to work
with it the best I can.

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