Erin Nichols KBJF45B at prodigy.com
Tue Dec 26 18:59:00 EST 1995

Hello all,
I'm in 10th grade and in an honors biology class which is quite difficult.
  Possibly the most difficult part of the class is the project I have to 
do-- for the first semester a 3 dimensional model of an oscillatoria 
after it has undergone certain biological changes to adapt to the 
environmental changes that would take place if a meteor struck the earth, 
and a 5 minute oral report on the subject-- due January 12.  So far I 
have done some research, mostly notes on books I got at the NIH library 
in Bethesda, MD.  If anyone happens to know ANYTHING that would be of 
remote importance to me, I would be eternally grateful.



Erin Nichols KBJF45B at prodigy.com
 "Richard said 'withdrawl in disgust is not the same  as apathy.'" -JMS 

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