Ampicillin can induce b-lactamase in in-vitro susceptibility testing. Why? I need an answer.

Nathan Siemers nathan at shiva1-3.bms.com
Thu Dec 28 15:02:00 EST 1995

In article <4bmmig$f34 at bull.hkstar.net> Leung chi man <lcm at hkstar.com> writes:

   In my laboratory, I recently found that ampicillin cannot induce 
   b-lactamase production in-vitro, but ampicillin should be a strong 
   induce. Therefor I don't know what and Why this happen. Any body can 
   explan the detail to me


	Just what amp gene are you trying to induce?  Some of the amp
promoters are inducible by antibiotics (E. Cloacae ampC I believe is
one).  Joe Random Amp on a plasmid probably does not have this


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