Vinegar vs. Pseudomonas

Shirley McDonald mcdonald at ic.path.queensu.ca
Thu Dec 28 11:38:11 EST 1995

I recall reading, sometime in the past, something that mentioned that 
vinegar was a good agent to get through the slime that surrounds 
Pseudomonas, inactivating it or making it susceptible to removal with 
cleaning agents.  We are currently doing this in our ICU in order to keep 
the numbers of Pseudomonas in the sinks down, and we have had great 
success in eliminating Pseudomonas infections in the ICU.  

If anyone has any knowledge of this documentation, please let me know by 
E-mail.  I would like to have some literature that supports this 
procedure.  Thanks in advance!

Shirley McDonald

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