Glossary in Microbiology

Tsute Chen tsute at netcom.com
Fri Dec 29 10:12:51 EST 1995

Shirley McDonald <mcdonald at ic.path.queensu.ca> writes:

>tsute at netcom.com (Tsute Chen) wrote:
>>I have compiled a list of glossary in Microbiology at the web site:

>Very nice!  How about adding organism names (genus level).  I tried to 
>look up staphylococci...

A very good suggestion, thanks! In fact, I am currently working on a 
separate list of short descriptions of bacterial genera although it's not 
quite done yet. However, I have added a link to the glossary index page. 
Please check it out.  The next step in my mind is to put up some images 
for these bacteria, however I don't have the original pictures for each 
bacteria genera and I may have to solicit from microbiologists or labs.

Tsute Chen

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