the bacteria Aeromonas Veronii

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> I am looking for information on Aeromonas Veronii.  I am especially
> interested in how to selectively culture it from mixed flora, and in
> antibiotic sensitivity.

Jeppeson recently reviewed selective media for Aeromonas spp. (see below).
I don't think there is a selective media available specifically for A.
veronii biovar sobria or A. veronii biovar veronii (hybridization group

Most selective media rely on the fact that Aeromonas spp. (except A. trota
HG14) are resistant to ampicillin. A. veronii biovar sobria and A. veronii
biovar veronii are susceptible to Cephalothin. Most other clinical species
are resistant (A. schubertii HG12 is also sensitive but are not that

Jeppeson, C. 1995. Media for Aeromonas spp., Plesiomonas shigelloides and
Pseudomonas spp. from food and environment. International Journal of Food
Microbiology. 26(1):24-51.

Hope this helps.

Cheers Kev


Kevin Sanderson
Research Associate (NHMRC), Aeromonas project
Department of Pathology, University of Tasmania

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