Growing MEthanosaeta concilii GP6

Katherine D Sauer k-sauer at cehpx28.cen.uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 2 14:30:22 EST 1996

Hi folks,

I'm attempting to grow Methanosaeta concilii,
and I can't seem to get the medium right.  I
tried using the medium described in the paper
which characterized the strain GP6 (which I have),
by Patel 1984.  I followed the protocol, and got
a large quantity of black precipitate after
making sterile additions.  The protocol said to
add NaHCO3, vitamins, and FeCl2 aseptically
after autoclaving.  Before these additions (but
after autoclaving), the medium was clear.
I suspect it is FeS that is precipitating.

Does anyone know how to avoid this?  How can
I measure OD if the medium always has such
heavy ppt?  Will it affect the growth of the
bugs?  Do Methanosaeta concilii even NEED iron?

thanks in advance,

Katherine (Trina) Sauer
Graduate Student and Goddess of Funkosity
Environmental Engineering and Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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