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 (Robert H Ruskin) writes:

>Besides being a microbiologist, I am also an environmental scientist. I 
>currently subscribe to sci.environment and there was a post there that 
>was of some interest to me, the microbiologist on BSE. A person wrote that 
>BSE may not in fact be caused by prions, but rather from organo-phosphate 
>pesticides that the British seem to literally dump over their cattle to 
>ward off some fly.


>Until the British open up access of the cows to researchers, it will 
>never be conclusively proven whether the problem is due in fact to a prion, 
>or a Silent Spring.

Work with transgenic mice which lack normal prion and apparently can't be 
infected by brain grafts from normal, infected mice strongly suggests the 
problem is not organo-pesticides but is prion related.  Given the widespread 
use of organo-pesticides on all sorts of crops, if that were the link to CJD 
I'd expect lots more cases...

Bill  (still eating beef, but not voting Tory).

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