platelets and prednisone

Fraeda Dubin fraeda at mcn.org
Wed Apr 3 02:54:33 EST 1996

I have a diagnosed ITP condition that is chronic and untreatable due 
to 30 years of dependency on prednisone for controlling asthma.  I'm
in excellent health otherwise.  Controlling the too frequent and too
prolonged nosebleeds has begun to be a problem.  I recently recalled 
hearing a Deepak Chopra tape where he described, (my paraphrase)
"..the platetlets in a frightened person huddled together manufacturing
adrenaline."  No medical information on MEDLINE addresses this at all.
"If it gets too bad, try a splenactomy or immuglobin or..."

Does anyone out there have a clue where I might find another approach?
I'm sure my asthma was a young man's approach to deal with fear.
It worked.  But after 30 years the platelets are wearing out???  I've
had an exciting life and perhaps it's time to "veg out".  I'll try
this search first.   

Thanks, Lynn Stoller   male, 63

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