Elementary Staining Question (gentian violet)

Chief ROC chiefroc at aol.com
Thu Apr 4 16:16:18 EST 1996

Hi...The amateur  here again. As a hobbiest I tend to use things at hand
to accomplish my purpose.I have recently used "drug store" Gentian Violet
(2% U.S.P. with 10% EOTH  preservative) as a stain for epithelial cells
and it appeared to work just fine for my purpose. So I was wondering if
anyone could tell me a bit more about Gentian violet as a stain?

How about Tincture of Iodine (2% iodine; 47% ETOH; purified water and 2.4%
sodium iodine). Is this an acceptable stain for plant starch? I also
wonder if there are other common household items which are useful as
staining mediums?

I really appreciate any help you might offer. Although I am an adult (58),
most mail order houses will send chemicals only to a school or business

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