Ps. fluorescens biovar 2?

Don Chen chend at ucs.orst.edu
Fri Apr 5 23:14:30 EST 1996


The latest Bergy's describes Ps. fluorescens biovar 2 as containing
Ps. margenalis and saprophytes.  I would like to use this and other
biovars as controls for the study of soil pseudomonads.  However, Ps
margenalis is a phytopathogen which needs a special USDA permit.  We
could get a permit but would rather use a non-pathogenic member of
this group.  Does anyone have an idea about what are the other members
of this biovar 2 group?  Is there a relationship between this group
and the Stanier biotypes (Int J Syst Bacteriol 30:225-420, 1980).
Below I've listed the comparable Bergy biovars and the Stanier
biotypes and the ATCC strains we are considering as controls.

Bergy=B Stanier=S

B, biovar 1=S biotype A;  ATCC 13525
B, biovar 3=S biotype C;  ATCC 17400 (although Bergy suggests there
are 2 subgroups based on utilization of dicarboxylic acids)
B, biovar 4=S biotype F;  ATCC 12983 (aka Ps. lemonnieri)
B, biovar 5=S biotype G: ATCC 17518

A last question has to do with the biovar placement of Biotype I, ATCC

Any help is more than welcome.


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