Mad Cow Disease and Pigs

J Ralph Blanchfield jralphb at easynet.co.uk
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On Sun, 07 Apr 1996 22:16:08 +0800, wayne forday  <fwl at titan.np.ac.sg>

>Just saw an edition of Horizon. Apparently UK pigs are still being fed 
>Blood and Bone Meal, a potential vector for passing the Mad Cow Agent 
>from sheep to cattle.
>I gather that this show was a few weeks old. Could someone tell me if 
>pigs are still be fed Blood and Bone Meal.

Hello Wayne.

As of a few days ago, it is prohibited.

Previously, since July 1988,  the ban on meat and bonemeal related to
feed for ruminants. In its Statement on 20 March, the UK Spongiform
Encephalopathy Committee (SEAC) of independent scientists advising the
UK Government, included in its recommendations the prohibition of
mammalian meat and bonemeal in feed for  _all_ farm animals, and the
Government has acted on it. I  have not seen the new Regulation yet,
but a farmer posting on BSE-L mailing list yesterday, reported
receiving during the past week a letter (presumably sent to all
farmers) from MAFF, informing about the extended ban.

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