Undergraduate Intern Opportunity

Kathleen Ann Sindt kas4e at galen.med.Virginia.EDU
Mon Apr 8 19:35:35 EST 1996

patricia_bradford at INTERNETMAIL.PR.CYANAMID.COM writes:
> We have an opportunity for a student to experience a unique internship program 
> at Wyeth-Ayerst Research.  We seek experienced candidates to work within the 
> Infectious Disease Group of Discovery Research at our Research and Development 
> facility in Pearl River, New York for our six month paid internship programs 
> beginning July 1, 1996 and January 1997.  
> As an intern you will work closely with senior microbiology and molecular 
> biology staff members, helping to identify new antibiotics by researching 
> resistance mechanisms, studying epidemiology and developing new models to use as 
> research tools.  Students are required to have a proven academic track record 
> (GPA), including one year of microbiology lecture and laboratory courses.  A 
> background in biochemistry and molecular biology is also encouraged.

Man, to be an undergrad again.  Intern research jobs were a
dime a dozen.  Easy to find and paid great.  

Now that I want a post-doc - most industry wants post-docs with
1 to 3 years experience in industry!  Nice catch-22.

Kathie Sindt
kas4e at virginia.edu

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