Bacterial electroporation??

Peter pemanuel at umabnet.ab.edu
Tue Apr 9 08:41:21 EST 1996

My electroporation of bacterial cells didn't work.

I used the BIO RAD E coli gene pulser which lacks the ability to alter
many parameters.

Their self test indicates the machine is OK.

The cells are XL-Blue F`(300ul) at 2.5kV in a 0.2cm gap cuvette (Cold)

The plates are 100ug/ml carbenecillin.

No colonies. nothing with my ligation mixes. I thought too high in salt.

Then I tried Supercoiled puC18. No colonies when I added 5 ul of a
.01ng/ul solution of pUc18 which came from Stratagene.

I even bought some Stratagene electro comp cells and they didn't work either.

Why isn't my electroporation working?


Peter Emanuel Ph.D.
University of Maryland
School of Medicine
410-706-429410-706-8012 FAX

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