bartonella henselae

Sue Anne Brenner sbrenne at emory.edu
Thu Apr 11 10:36:39 EST 1996

B. henselae grows reasonably well on rabbit blood agar plates.  If 
plating blood, it may be easier to count colonies if the blood is dripped 
onto the plates in 3-4 drops, rather than by streaking the plates.  Other 
media have also been used, including TSA with sheep blood, HIA with 
rabbit blood, chocolate agar, charcoal yeast extract, and Columbia agar with 
sheep blood, to name a few.  Liquid media have been used, but usually 
are not as successful as solid media.  
B. henselae can also grow in some cell lines, including vero cells and 
human epithelial cells.
If your're attempting to isolate B. henselae from blood, lysis tubes such 
as the Isolator may be superior to other methods.  For other body 
substances, there are no studies defining which culture methods may be best.

Here are a few references:  
Clarridge, J Clin Micro August 1995, p 2107-2113
Koehler, New England J Med 1992 vol 327, p 1625-31
Regnery, J Clin Micro 1992 vol 30 p 265-74

Hope that helps.  
	S Brenner 				

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Nayyar HUSSAIN wrote:

> anyone fine a suitable growth media for this organism
> and any ideas on it's growth ?

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