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Wed Apr 10 17:40:14 EST 1996

I am a high school student who is conducting a short interview of 
professionals.  I hope to find useful information about careers, which 
will help me decide what field I enter in the future. Consequently, I 
would greatly appreciate any responses.  Please reply in this newsgroup 
and do not attempt to e-mail me because I don't have an address.

1. In what field are you specialized?

2. What type of education did you obtain/ or do you recommend for your 

3. What do you find most intriguing about your work?  What do you like 

4. What do you dislike about this field.

5. Do you think this is a growing field, or do you find it saturated?
(Do you think there are future job positions available?)

6. What made you choose this field?

7. If you could give me one important piece of advice for my future, 
what would it be?

8. What can I do now to better prepare myself for this field?

9. What are some of your daily responsibilities?

10. What are your weekly hours? Would you prefer more or less?

11. What is you job title?

12. Who or what inspired your interest in this field?

13. What interests do you consider essential for this field?

14. Which of your interests led you to this field?

15. Do you have any regrets about you career choice?

16. What level (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate) of education do you 

17. Do you find more than normal competition for jobs in this field?

18. Are there job opportunities in this area, or do you find more 

19. What research projects have you been involved with?

20. What fields are closely related to your current occupation that 
someone could also be qualified for?

21. How many years have you been in this field? 

22. Thanks alot!

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