Vancomycin resistant S. aureus

Chris Zurawski czuraws at emory.edu
Fri Apr 12 06:55:35 EST 1996

> I certainly does exist! Beyond that it is not so uncommon in a hospital
> theater. VRSA could soon become a major nosocomial infection, if it already
> isn't classified as such. Fortunately, VRSA outside of the hospital setting
> is less frequent. -- 

i am an infectious diseases physician and have never heard of such a 
thing. are you sure you don't mean vancomycin resistant enterococcus? 
that has recently become a problem in the hospital setting. or 
methicillin resistant staph aureus...which has been a problem for 
years....vancomycin resistant s. aureus is another thing all together.

either i am real behind or you have mixed bugs.

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