E. coli periplasmic marker

Leo klebs.bbs at bbs.life.nthu.edu.tw
Fri Apr 12 02:30:19 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues:

     I am trying to confirm whether a protein I am working on
is located in the periplasmic fraction or not.  I would
like to know what is the best method to separate cytosolic,
membrane and periplasmic fraction of E. coli.  I found some
groups use low concentrations of Triton X-100 to disrupt
outer membrane and thus allow the periplasmic fraction released.
Is this a commonly acceptable method ?  In addition, what can be
used as a periplasmic marker so that I can have a positive control.
Is cAMP phosphodiesterase a good marker for this purpose ?
Thank you very much for providing the information to me.

                  HY CHANG
                  Dept. Mol. Biol.
                  CGMC, TAIWAN

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