mad cow

Maria spider at Rt66.com
Fri Apr 12 02:10:56 EST 1996

About 3 years ago I worked with a British woman, who wouldn't eat Beef.
she would eat other forms of meat, so when the vet we worked for offered
her a chunk of one of his calves, she declined.  He started teasing
her about being a vegetarian, and she explained why.  She said that
the british had been feeding the cattle chicken scraps, and it had
caused a disease, Mad cow disease, and that she actually knew of someone
who had died of it.  She was afraid that others she knew would eventually
show the disease, due to similar beef sources.  It seems to me that this
took WAY too long to become publicized.  I think they ought to dispose 
of every meat animal that could possibly have it.  If they are worried
about money, afund drive would probably get a fair amount.  I think
other countries want it dead.

I just saw a news article the other day that waste cooking grease in
areas in the US that don't allow disposal is being sent to Mexico
to be used as animal feed.  I realise the stuff is cooked, but 
haven't we learned?!

That's what we get for messing with the food chain.

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