Vancomycin resistant S. aureus

Dr. Kenneth Bromberg Ken_bromberg at interramp.com
Fri Apr 12 22:56:47 EST 1996

Red Rebel7 wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to put together a seminar for our microbiology department as a
> final project before I graduate.  I have selected vancomycin resistant S.
> aureus.  I realize that this is not a common problem, usually, in the
> field of clinical microbiology but it does exist.  So any help that anyone
> has on journal articles that have investigated this subject or, if by
> chance, someone is working on this project any information that they have
> would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you all so much in advance.
> ---CraigOnly in the laboratory.  Not yet in humans.

Ken Bromberg
Pediatric ID
the VAccine Study Center at SUNY Brooklyn

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