Pyng Technology and intrasseous infusion

Craig Faulkner cfaulk at cyberstore.ca
Fri Apr 12 19:43:28 EST 1996

I recently visited a stock investment site and came across a medical company 
called Pyng Technologies.  This company has recently emerged from RD and has 
come out with the most advanced intraosseous infusion system today.  The system 
can inject over 5 litres of blood into a person in 5 minutes. Morever, the 
infusion can be done in a trauma situation.  The company stock is currently 
trading at about a dollar (Canadian).  The company is waiting for its FDA 
approval, and if this happens--I am hoping to see a big jump in its current 
stock price.  The company is predicting earnings per share in the 30 cent range 
this year.  I would appreciate any feedback on this company.  You can check 
them out at: http://www.stockgroup.com/PYT.html.


Craig Faulkner

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