common fermentation pathway?

Roman Szabo SZABOR at fns.uniba.sk
Sun Apr 14 06:53:08 EST 1996

The original post was:

> > Please help!!!   Does anyone know an example of a fermentation reaction
> > carried out by any bacterium?
> >
and reply:

> I think any reaction in the Krebes cycle (ie breakdown of a 3 carbon sugar to
> CO2 etc) will be a reasonable answer.
> moshe white
> mowhite at netvision.net.il
My point:
I am not working with bacteria, but usually (for yeasts, molds,
higher eukaryots) when someone is talking about fermentation it
means conversion of glucose (or related hexose) into ethanol
or lactate, i.e. the pathway mostly carried out by glycolytic
enzymes. From this point of view reactions of Krebs' cycle are not a
good example. Anyways, glycolysis is a pathway ubiquitous among both
eukaryots and prokaryots, so that any bacterium species, capable of
growing without oxygen, and most of the others, should be capable of

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