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Jeffrey Lee lee at SOL.ESSEX.EDU
Mon Apr 15 08:29:49 EST 1996

     Try streaking for individual colonies on a Nutrient agar plate and 
leaving the plate at room temperature. The S. marcescens should have a 
reddish pigment at this temperature. The Staph will not. To differentiate 
S. aureus and S. epidermidis, use a coagulase test. S. aureus is 
coagulase positive and S. epidermidis is coagulase negative. Innoculate a 
small tube of plasma with your G+ cocci and incubate in a 37C water bath 
, checking for coagulation every 30 minutes. Hope this helps.
Jeff Lee

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On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Terry J. Peek wrote:

> I am trying to differentiate between Serratia marcescens and a gram pos. cocci 
> that I suspect is Staph epidermidis or S. aureus. I've placed the culture on 
> 10% NaCl agar. I'll check the results later this morning. What is the best way 
> to seperate these organisms using the resources of a small college lab? Is my 
> first step in the right direction? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
> Thanks.       Terry

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