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> Has anyone heard of this company.  I heard that they sell agar.  I am
> interested in getting a phone number or address for them.
> Nancy

Almost, but not quite. Genetics Society of America is precisely that, a
scientific society which also publishes the journal Genetics. As one of
its functions it performs for members it has a contract service with a
small company to supply lots of standard media and chemicals at a
discounted price. You don't order from GSA but from this company, but
supposedly you need to be a member of GSA to get the price.

However most of the prices are not significantly different than what
you can get elsewhere. For example their price on agar is much cheaper
than Bacto-agar but not very different than microbiology grade
granulated or technical agar from Difco, Fisher, USB, sigma etc. Their
vendor, and therefore prices and precise composition of the reagents,
also change periodically.

Michael Benedik
Department of Biochemical Sciences
University of Houston
benedik at uh.edu

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