common fermentation pathway?

Forday Wayne Lee fwl at titan.np.ac.sg
Tue Apr 16 20:15:43 EST 1996

In article <NEWTNews.829413962.18685.mowhite at dialup.netvision.net.il>,
Michal White  <mowhite at netvision.net.il> wrote:
>In Article<4kbne8$1sr at masala.cc.uh.edu>, <hua at uh.edu> write:
:>> Please help!!!   Does anyone know an example of a fermentation reaction 
:>> carried out by any bacterium?
:>I think any reaction in the Krebes cycle (ie breakdown of a 3 carbon sugar to 
:>CO2 etc) will be a reasonable answer.
:>moshe white
:>mowhite at netvision.net.il

Not all bacteria possess a Krebs cycle. Lactic acid bacteria and Zymomonas
mobilis are two examples.

Wayne Lee Forday, Biotechnology Department 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore 
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