Any microbiology jokes?

Bunny Lover smccull at jurassic.fisher.calpoly.edu
Thu Apr 18 01:06:10 EST 1996

It's not exactly a joke, but I found a list in our lab here of:
Top Ten Reasons for becoming a Microbiologist. THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL
WORK and credit should go to whoever's it is:

10. Couldn't get in to medical school, but wanted to wear a white coat.
(we like to change this line to "Didn't want to get in to ....)

9. Always wanted to split their genes in public

8. Good Job prospoects at Jurassic Park

7. Exciting social life with exciting single celled micro-organisms

6. Work with radioactive materials renders night light unnecessary

5. Wanted to hang out with wild-types

4. Like to follow recipes with agar and other essential nutrients

3. Thought DNA stood for Do Nothing at All

2. Thought electrophoresis would clear up their complexion

and the Number One reason:

1. Easy Access to 200 proof ethanol!!!!!


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