c type cytochromes

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Wed Apr 17 23:37:46 EST 1996


Now, which species of Pseudomonas are you interested in and is it a particular 
c-type cytochrome or the whole range? Pseudomonas stutzeri and Pseudomonas 
aeruginosa both make a wide range of c-type cytochromes.
If you're interested in spectroscopy of several of them, the easiest approach 
is to make a total soluble extract or a periplasmic fraction by 
spheroplasting, load onto a large ion-exchange column (e.g. DEAE cellulose) 
and run a NaCl gradient (say 0-400mM). Cytochromes c will elute as coloured 
fractions at various points and this is often enough for a crude spectrum. You 
can clean up any of particular interest by another step, such as a gel 

I can supply further details if you're a bit more specific.

Neil Saunders

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