Q: Contamination of mycotoxins in pharmaceutical production

Kjersti Vanessa Weeden kjerstiw at stud.ik.hist.no
Thu Apr 18 13:09:54 EST 1996

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This is a request from two graduate students at Soer-Troendelag College of 
Engineering (Norway), who are doing the final thesis in microbiology. The 
thesis` subject is to outline the possibilities for fungal contamination in 
pharmaceutical prosesses, which can lead to the production of mycotoxins. The 
company who gave us this assignment has a GMP/QA regulation according to the 

Possible contamination sources may be:
· water (tap)
· air (indoor)
· raw material (solvents)
· surroundings (humans)

We are aquaintet with the most common mycotoxins, and have general knowledge 
about the most important species producing toxins.

We would like to receive information about whether there is any research 
going on, or results already existing, concering possible clues to 
toxin-producing species which occurs in these contamination sources.
We are also interested in finding out whether there exist any spesific 
requirements regarding unwanted fungi/mycotoxins in bulk-products.

If someone could please put us in contact with  a person who knows something 
about this subject, we would be very grateful.

Best Regards
Kjersti Vanessa Weeden and Ann Kristin Knutsen
kjerstiw at stud.ik.hist.no
akk at stud.ik.hist.no

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