Need Help With Experiment

Kathleen Ann Sindt kas4e at galen.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Apr 18 13:15:40 EST 1996

tjpeek at iamerica.net  writes:
> I am trying to differentiate between Serratia marcescens and a gram pos. cocci 
> that I suspect is Staph epidermidis or S. aureus. I've placed the culture on 
> 10% NaCl agar. I'll check the results later this morning. What is the best way 
> to seperate these organisms using the resources of a small college lab? Is my 
> first step in the right direction? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
> Thanks.       Terry

Not to be rude, but is this for your unknown determination in
your microbiology class?  The micro class at our local
community college just had this task, same three organisms to
discriminate between.  
Kathie Sindt
kas4e at virginia.edu

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