Micrococcus bacteria

Mark Fuller mark_fuller at qmgate.anl.gov
Tue Apr 23 16:53:28 EST 1996

Sharron Lytwyn <Sharron_Lytwyn at mindlink.bc.ca> wrote:
>This bacteria has been found to be present in our well water -- the lab 
>has stated that it is pathogenic and that we should have the system 
>flushed and sanitized.  I have looked really hard for details on the 
>effects of this bacteria on us and our 4 dogs but have not found much.  
>It is a gram positive bacteria (high G + C strain).  This doesn't mean 
>much to me -- does it mean something to someone out there?


Yes, Micrococcus can be pathogenic, but I'd sooner think the person who 
sampled the well was sloppy (I hope it wasn't you :) ).  Micrococcus are 
among the most widespread airborne contaminants Š they're everywhere 
just blowing around.  As far as disease causing, they would be 
opportunistic, ie., affecting an already sick person or immune 
suppressed person.  I'd have the water check again.  The lab the did the 
testing may be dusty and the Micrococcus may be from them, not your 
water.  Also, beware if they have a vested interest ($$$) in you 
deciding to flush your system.


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