E. coli complete genome sequence

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In article <4l5fir$6pf at acebo.sdi.uam.es>, jayala at mvax.cbm.uam.es (Juan A. Ayala) says:

>Dear Netters:
>        In the last number of ASM News (March, Vol 62(3)) appeared 
>an article about the "TIGR's Genomic Tale is growing". > snip<
>        As most of you probably also know, the best known organism in 
>the world, from the molecular, genetics and biochemicals points of view 
>is Escherichia coli. So, my question is: Do somebody know when the 
>completed sequence of the 4.7 Mb bug would be completed?
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  My understanding is that Fred Blattner's group should complete the sequence
 of E. coli next year.   The results to date are currently posted on their Website.
The URL is http://www.genetics.wisc.edu/Welcome html.   I believe that they
are annotating the sequence as they go along.  The largest contig at present
is 1.4 Mb.  Also, please see the Trends in Genetics April 1996 article on 
Esherichia coli K-12 on the Internet by Ken Rudd for the latest on E. coli
genomes and sources.
                                          Tom Dougherty  

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