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Contamination of food with bacteria and yeast depends on several 
factors. It should be always monitored in order to determine the 
storage time, effectiveness of canning and packing of food. 
Routine plating procedures are the most common methods in 
detecting the microbial food population in food products. The 
procedure takes a day or more to determine the presence of 
microorganisms in food. Respirometry method in detecting food 
contamination is very useful and is more accurate with lower 
variability coefficient. A report present by Dr. Jersec before 
the 9th Congress of Food Science and Technology at Budapest in 
1995, indicated that our newly developed RESPIROMETER was used 
for detecting the contamination of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae 
in fruit juices. They have established that CO2 is a useful 
catabolite for controlling the activity of yeast which are the 
potential spoilage agents for different food system. We will be 
happy to send you the information about RESPIROMETER and its 
application, if you provide your postal address through fax or 

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