Micrococcus bacteria

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Wed Apr 24 23:41:09 EST 1996

If Koch could drink Vibrio cholerae, I am sure your dogs may 
drink Micrococcus.

The Genus Micrococcus has been amended:

Micrococcus agilis               BAS  -> Arthrobacter agilis                    
Micrococcus halobius             BAS  -> Nesterenkonia halobia                  
Micrococcus kristinae            BAS  -> Kocuria kristinae                      
Micrococcus luteus               AL                                             
Micrococcus lylae                AL                                             
Micrococcus nishinomiyaensis     BAS  -> Dermacoccus nishinomiyaensis           
Micrococcus roseus               BAS  -> Kocuria rosea                          
Micrococcus sedentarius          BAS  -> Kytococcus sedentarius                 
Micrococcus varians              BAS  -> Kocuria varians                        

You have better start with a query on the method used. If you put more 
information on the net, you may have comments from more people.

E. F.

(I am not a specialist on water quality or Micrococcus)

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Subject: Micrococcus bacteria
Author:  PC {Sharron_Lytwyn at mindlink.bc.ca} at UUCP
Date:    1996-04-24 01.06

This bacteria has been found to be present in our well water -- the lab 
has stated that it is pathogenic and that we should have the system 
flushed and sanitized.  I have looked really hard for details on the 
effects of this bacteria on us and our 4 dogs but have not found much. 
It is a gram positive bacteria (high G + C strain).  This doesn't mean 
much to me -- does it mean something to someone out there?

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