BSE (Mad Cow Disease) from a US consumer perspective

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Wed Apr 24 15:03:29 EST 1996

For the latest on BSE (Mad Cow Disease) from a US consumer perspective
take a look at Public Voice for Food and Health Policy's site.  Public
Voice is a leading US consumer food policy advocacy organization.


This site is updated frequently.  Look for another update in the next
24 hours and a set of strong policy recommendations in the next week.

This site highlights consumer food and agriculture issues. Current
issues include mad cow disease, the shortage of inner-city
supermarkets, and the farm bill.

Public Voice for Food and Health Policy is a nonprofit consumer
organization that advocates a safer, healthier and more affordable food
supply for all Americans.  It focuses on the full spectrum of food
system policy issu
es, including food pricing and labeling, the environmental consequences
of growing food, how safely food is processed, access to food in
low-income areas, and promoting better nutrition. Public Voice produces
research rep
orts, convenes conferences, and coordinates a 650-member coalition of

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