Rafael Maldonado rafael at corona.med.utah.edu
Thu Apr 25 15:24:13 EST 1996

On 25 Apr 1996, Forday Wayne Lee wrote:
> >Besides, aren=B4t there other channels more suitable for advertizing, th=
> >an Internet newsgroup?
> >
> Advertising to me is fine. Particularly for new products. Not being in th=
> US, it is often difficult to get information on new products. I suppose i=
> is the way advertising is done. But to me, I do appreciate this sort of
> information.

But this is against the principles of BIONET. Advertising using BIONET=20
resources, as it is happening more and more often, is not considered.=20
BIONET is run by people that don't earn a penny by doing that job. If=20
somebody is taking profit of that situation, I think that is unfair to=20
the BIONET staff.

So if companies are interested in using internet for advertising, they=20
should use other resources. I understand your problem of isiolation, nd=20
internet could be very useful to solve that problem. But please, not in=20
the bionet.* hierarchy.


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