Software for strain collections

SigurÝur E. Vilhelmsson vilhels at rockvax.rockefeller.edu
Fri Apr 26 16:49:08 EST 1996

>I am currently reorganizing (and updating) our lab. strain collection, 
>and want to computerize the whole thing to make it more accessible. I 
>therefore need a database software which will run in Windows, and which 
>has a) fields which will accept text with different formatting within 
>each field (italics, superscript, Symbol font, etc), b) fields which will 
>take graphics, for plasmid maps etc, and c) a useful searching 
>algorithm, preferable with a "card-file" sort of format. The main problem 
>seems to be getting the various formats WITHIN each field. Can anyone 
>sugest a useful program to use, perhaps which is already in use for a 
>similar purpose in another laboratory?

You might want to look at FileMaker Pro 3.0 from Claris.  I think they are
out with a windows version.  I use it for my straincollection and find it
very easy to use, customizable in almost any way and very powerful.  You
can check it out at www.claris.com

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