[WANT] BSE research in France

INOUE Tadahiro chujo at niah.affrc.go.jp
Fri Apr 26 02:25:11 EST 1996

I want to know the Institute or Laboratory in France where they
research on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and/or CJD.


INOUE, Tadahiro
Dr. Tadahiro INOUE:National Institute of Animal Health, 
Ibaraki 305 JAPAN
Internet:chujo at niah.affrc.go.jp: Fax.+(81)(298)38-7907
 NIAH WWW==> http://ss.niah.affrc.go.jp/
 BSE WWW===> http://ss.niah.affrc.go.jp/bse/bse.html

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