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Fri Apr 26 09:59:33 EST 1996

After years of research at the University of Texas, a blend of 13 microbes 
collected from natural oil seeps around the world has been compiled.  This 
blend is proving to be a very effective, cost efficient means of transforming 
any natural hydrocarbon into 100% safe byproduct.  Hydrocarbon refers to the 
most important class of organic compounds that occur in petroleum and natural 
gas.  A partial list of hydrocarbons that are transformed by this blend are:  
gasoline, diesel, indene, benzene, tolulene, tylene, ace napthalene, kerosene, 
methane, paraffin, carbon, coke, coal tar, turpentine, oil based paint, grease 
and many others.  This blend is marketed under the name Earth Wise Formula 1 
and is FDA and USDA approved.  Earth Wise also meets all 1995 EPA requirements
for bioremediation.  The client list ranges from airports, marinas, restaurants,
service stations, wrecking yards, hotels, and the armed forces.  

We have had some great test results on soil remediation using EarthWise 
Formula 1.  Here is some details on a site which contained 17.5 tons of soil 
and was located less than 30 yards from Lake Tahoe, which made it a highly 
regulated situation.  The contamination was diesel and started with a level
higher than 41,000ppm, after treating the soil with 3.5 gallons of EarthWise 
after a 48 day period, and turning the soil twice for faster results, the 
desired results werer achieved and the treated soil had dropped to 1,200ppm 
which was good enough for site closure. 

"I would recommend the use of EarthWise as a bioremediation enhancement in 
this situation due to the cost effectiveness compared to other cleanup and 
disposal methods, says M. D. Babcock." Owner/Operator

For more information on purchasing EarthWise please reply or call 916-583-6952.


Kim Smith
earthsmt at sierra.net

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