Snyder Test Agar

Byron Allen ballen
Sat Apr 27 11:26:13 EST 1996

I maintain the microbiology lab for a small college.  This week I made a 
modified Snyder Test Agar and after two days of incubation we have not 
seen much change of color.  I didn"t have the dye that was in the Difco 
recipe so I substituted Brom-Phenol Blue.  The list of pH indicators 
showed it as changing color at a pH comparable to the recommended dye.  
Can anyone tell me if my substitution should work?  The students will be 
checking the tubes again on Tuesday.  Also, I have been buying 
sheep's blood agar plates for the classes but I would like to start 
pouring them myself. Is there anything special I should know about this 
or is it just another media to make?   

Jane Allen

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