Salmonella identification

Lorri Robinson robinson at avana.net
Tue Apr 30 02:36:47 EST 1996

>    I am a student of Microbiology,  I have recieved a case study in which
> I have positively identified Salmonella poising.  What I need is some
> tests or characteristics to further make my case strong.  Is a probable
> source raw eggs???,  how would this be identified?   Fecal samples vs. the
> egg samples? 
> Thank You!

How have you "positively identified" Salmonella poisoning? If you have already 
isolated salmonella from the patient, you are halfway there. To prove the 
source, you must test the suspect food (your raw eggs?)

Assuming you have isolated Salmonella from the patient (fecal spls), proceed 
according to FDA-BAM 8th ed. Ch 5 to isolate and ID Salmonella from food. In 
short, 25 g food in 225 mL lactose broth, inc 24 hr @ 35 C, transfer 1 mL to 
tetrathionate and selenite cysteine broths, inc 24 hr @ 43 C, streak to 
hektoen enteric, xylose lysine, and (ick) bismuth sulfite agars. Inc 24 hr @ 
35 C. Look for typical colonies, confirm on LIA/TSI, perform biochemicals and 
serology. You have conclusively linked the food to the illness if the serovar 
of the isolate from the food is the same as the isolate from the patient.


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