Snyder Test Agar

Lorri Robinson robinson at avana.net
Tue Apr 30 02:42:59 EST 1996

  Also, I have been buying 
> sheep's blood agar plates for the classes but I would like to start 
> pouring them myself. Is there anything special I should know about this 
> or is it just another media to make?   
> Jane Allen
> -- 

I don't know about your Snyder agar, but I used to pour blood plates all the 
time. All it involves is making sure your TSA is not too hot before you add 
your sheep blood and buying the right king of sheep blood. Get citrated, not 
defibrinated. And be sure your TSA, while tempered to 45-50 C, is completely 
melted. some people pour under a hood, but I never did, and I never had any 
problems with my blood plates. Just be sure to QC for sterility, pos and neg 


Someone give me a JOB in GEORGIA!!!! 

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