Micrococcus bacteria

Forday Wayne Lee fwl at titan.np.ac.sg
Tue Apr 30 05:13:54 EST 1996

In article <4lmvp5$l2o at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>,  <Enevold.Falsen at alinks.se> wrote:
:>If Koch could drink Vibrio cholerae, I am sure your dogs may 
:>drink Micrococcus.
:>The Genus Micrococcus has been amended:
:>Micrococcus agilis               BAS  -> Arthrobacter agilis                    
:>Micrococcus halobius             BAS  -> Nesterenkonia halobia                  
:>Micrococcus kristinae            BAS  -> Kocuria kristinae                      
:>Micrococcus luteus               AL                                             
:>Micrococcus lylae                AL                                             
:>Micrococcus nishinomiyaensis     BAS  -> Dermacoccus nishinomiyaensis           
:>Micrococcus roseus               BAS  -> Kocuria rosea                          
:>Micrococcus sedentarius          BAS  -> Kytococcus sedentarius                 
:>Micrococcus varians              BAS  -> Kocuria varians                        
:>You have better start with a query on the method used. If you put more 
:>information on the net, you may have comments from more people.

When did all these amendments come in? Seems like some old familiar names
have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Looks like I really am getting old.

Wayne Lee Forday, Biotechnology Department 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore 
fwl at np.ac.sg

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