Info on Culture of Soil Microbes?

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> Hello:
> I'm interested in making a large (@10L) suspension culture of soil
> microorganism from a soil sample.  Could someone cite a few references
> on this topic or maybe someone has procedures, feedstocks, etc..
> Thanks,
> B.K.
Sorry to sound like the famous Prof Joad (?) but what do you mean by a 
large culture - and what is the purpose ? 10L of almost any medium you 
care to name - if inoculated with only a few mg of soil will give you a 
culture. After even  a few hours, the culture content and balance will 
be entirely dependent on the culture medium constituents plus a few 
factors like temperature and aeration. In the early stages it will 
probably be dominated by Pseudomonads, after a few days the Bacillus 
species will loom large. Leave out any traces of organic matter, throw 
in a little ammonium and some sulphur (sorry sulfur) and a little 
ferrous iron and you can have a bevy of autotrophs. As it stands - your 
question attracts the same answer as the question to the accountant "How 
much profit did we make?" - answer "What would you like it to be ?"

So - "What would you like it to be ?"
Over and out.

Peter Harris
Soil Microbiologist, UK.

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