My father isolated the first DNA

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Sun Jun 2 03:40:33 EST 1996

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:> Norman Simmons was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his work. He isolated
:> the first samples of DNA in the 1950's. Stop in for a visit at 
:> www.tiac.net/users/perersim/
:> Thought your members might be interested in a video I produced about my
:> father who in 1952 isolated the first samples of DNA. He sent these to
:> Watson and Crick. He is now 81 years old and still as sharp as ever.  

I'm glad your father is feeling good. You on the other hand need to
qualify your plug - DNA was discovered in 1869 and already in 1930 there
were reliable techniques to isolate DNA from calf thymus. What in your
opinion Chargaff was working on in formulating his rules of DNA
composition in 1940s? Are you saying that reports of isolating highly
purified DNA predating alleged work of your father in 1952 are untrue
(that including seminal works by Avery, Macleod and McCarty)? What exactly
are you talking about?


Of what use is a philosopher who does not hurt anybody's feelings?

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