Anne Morris Hooke ahooke at asmusa.org
Sun Jun 2 20:38:51 EST 1996

Well folks, my paranoia is rising again.  I have tried to e-mail Clostridium
Kath(e?)rine a couple of times at the address that appears on her latest
communication--and they keep coming back.  What gives?  Anyway,
Kath(e?)rine, if you see this, my advice was the same as Peter Harris's and
the guy from Purdue who wrote in rather strong terms about your experiments.
We need to be convinced that you know what you are doing OR...it may be
nearing the time to notify "THE AUTHORITIES."  What kind of degree are you
working on?  What exactly is it that you want to characterize about the
toxin?  Who is your mentor and what on earth can he or she be thinking of?

Cheers, AMH

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