Fungal growth exp (pH gradient)

J Luque luque at cabrils.irta.es
Mon Jun 3 02:12:46 EST 1996

Hi all out there,

I am planning to do an experiment to evaluate the growth of some 
pathogenic fungal strains in a pH gradient with solid standard media. 
Two commercial media will be used (CMA and PDA). I need information 
about how to modify the pH of the Petri dishes to obtain a range 
between 3.5 and 8.5. I understand that pH has to be adjusted by a 
buffer, to prevent pH changes due to fungal growth. Here are some of 
the questions I have to resolve:

- Which is the more suitable buffer to use?.
- At which concentration could have this buffer undesirable effects on 
the fungal growth?.
- Which are the different amounts of each buffer constituent to be 
added to the plates?.
- Any reference will also be appreciated.

E-mail me direct or post here, please.

Thank you very much in advance


Dep. Patologia Vegetal
Crtra. Cabrils s/n, E-08348 Cabrils, Barcelona, Spain

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