C. bot and the paranoids

Steven Projan PROJANS at war.wyeth.com
Mon Jun 3 07:30:47 EST 1996

Being a dyed-in-the-wool Noo Yawkah (that's someone from New York
City) I am both paranoid and cynical.   So my theory on "C. bot.
Katie" is that she probably exists only in virtual reality as part of
a project to determine how much information can garnered from us
netters on a BioWarfare-type project.  

While I personally don't mind looking stupid to the rest of the world
(I've had a lot of practice), the rest of you netters who have
communicated either directly or through this newsgroup should
probably consider yourselves had.  Let's pull the plug on this one
and end the string.

Steve Projan
Wyeth-Ayerst Research

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