Info on Culture of Soil Microbes?

richard richardz at cy-net.net
Tue Jun 4 16:04:23 EST 1996

In article <4ogfni$vn at boris.orci.com>, bkay1 at orci.com (B.K.) says:
>I'm interested in making a large (@10L) suspension culture of soil
>microorganism from a soil sample.  Could someone cite a few references
>on this topic or maybe someone has procedures, feedstocks, etc..
There is a tinge of innocence and ignorance in the above question.
It is clear that it does not come from a professional microbiologist, I hope.!

If you are an undergrad student I would suggest that you read some undergraduate
micro texts, and soil texts, and then consult with a librarian for 
additional help.  And talk with your profs.

If you are a HS kid or HS teacher, tell us more about what you are trying
to accomplish. 

If you go through with your plans you will produce is a very smelly
brew that you will be only too happy to dump down a toilet.

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