Persistant phenotypic differences (serial subculture)?

James Graham graham at biodec.wustl.edu
Wed Jun 5 11:35:14 EST 1996

While certainly amplification of specific subpopulations holding a 
competitive advantage may be involved in these effects, I am wondering 
if typical mutation rate of say 10(-6)/generations would be sufficient
to overtake of batch culture growing a rich broth from an incoculum of 
say 1%. This would only represent some 6-8 generations in most cases.

Subsequent re-subculturings might lead to more of this type of clonal 
amplificiation, but I'm not sure if it would be the major cause of 
such effects with the first or even second or third subculture.

Anyone have a better idea of the mathematics of "attentuation"?

Please continue,

J. Graham PhD 
Biology Department 
Washington University of St. Louis 

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