Help with MRSA

C. Holdford UCMHOLDFORD at cc.memphis.edu
Wed Jun 5 19:34:32 EST 1996

MRSA is short for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Basically what your relative has is a Staph infection or they are a
carrier of the organism. Methicillin is used in the Microbiology Lab
to determine if the organism is resistant to Penicillin-like drugs. It
is for the most part, a nosocomial infection, or an infection caught
while in the hospital, usually from the hands of health care workers.
It is usually treated with Vancomycin, which has some bad side
effects. Stay away from hospitals! Have you noticed why insurance
companies try to decrease your hospital stay as much as possible?
		C Holdford -Microbiology  BRL- Memphis TN
>I have a relative that was told they have MRSA. What is it? Any and all 
>info would be appriciated? Thanks in advance.

>bill wtd1 at prolog.net

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